Heat! Girl defends fetish that is unusual of intercourse with balloons – and even though people online contemplate it ‘weird’

By Josh Saunders

A female is protecting her uncommon fetish of experiencing intercourse with BALLOONS – despite individuals online considering it ‘weird’.

Maggy BerLoon, 31, started trying out inflatables over about ten years ago after meeting now-husband Jan, and defines it as ‘a hell large amount of bouncy fun’.

She describes the product range with techniques that the pleasure seekers, referred to as ‘Looners’, take pleasure in the balloons – with them as adult toys, to having sex on top of them and more.

They vary in proportions from normal birthday celebration balloons to ones that are giant individuals can stay inside of, life-sized and bigger – which are also available in a selection of forms.

Maggy, from Solingen, Germany, stated there clearly was a excitement which comes from once you understand the balloon could pop and desires individuals to embrace this lesser known desire.

She’s setting up concerning the global realm of balloon fetishes into the hopes of educating strangers and empowering other ‘Looners’ who is able to feel they truly are ‘alone’ or are ‘freaks’.


Maggy, CEO of Balloons United, stated: “Balloons somehow have individuals stimulated, but just how can be totally diverse.

“I think for many Looners, all things are in regards to the product, the form, the appearance, the feel, along with, the flexibleness and also the high stress that this type of fragile item may take.

“Most Looners have stimulated by really playing with balloons – sitting in it or rubbing them, and achieving intercourse to them, alone or with a number of individuals.

“Others just like to view other individuals having fun with them in a teasing, sexy method.

“The power, to tease and push boundaries are crucial aspects.

“You may be mild or rough and have fun with the restrictions associated with balloon as well as together with your partner’s.

“You may think you’re in complete control, but that is not the case. Balloons might burst anytime, undesired or provoked.


“This attribute can truly add lots of excitement and excitement to your relationship, no matter if you’re perhaps maybe not a balloon fetishist.

“Everyone should obtain the proper to learn on their own, in addition to their desires without getting afraid or experiencing ashamed.

“It’s all about enjoying your daily life to its fullest, whatever this means separately – needless to say, if its appropriate and doesn’t damage anyone.

“To summarise it shortly, it is a hell of a lot of bouncy enjoyable. ”

Maggy describes that whenever speaking with freely to others in regards to the fetish, people will laugh or struggle often to simply simply just take her really.

She also hopes people can keep open minds about the desires of others while she concedes the thought of a balloon fetish is amusing.

Maggy stated: “Most individuals are simply obviously amazed and possess a lot of questions, given that they never been aware of it before or never ever had the opportunity to consult with some body about it.

“Sometimes they actually appear interested in the beginning, nonetheless they start giggling, make ridiculous jokes or begin comparing it along with other preferences that are unique.

“I guess this usually simply is released of insecurity or even they themselves challenge with regards to sexuality that is own, intimate dreams for some reason.


“Connecting this product with a fetish, obviously result in funny ideas, that we completely realize. So just why maybe not embrace this totally.

“I think, individuals usually simply take things too individual and are usually so lethal seriously interested in a few subjects. ”

Maggy believes there is certainly a broad range with the field of ‘Looners, ’ with every individual with the balloons dissimilar to the following.

She included: “Some of these are drawn by bursting them in lot of methods or simply by watching other people doing so – they call themselves ‘Poppers’.

“Others hate the rush or have a phobia even, plus they stay away from destroying a balloon at any cause, those would be the ‘Non-Poppers’.

“‘Semi-Poppers’ find themselves somehow in between of the teams.

“Some of them just pop balloons every so often, perhaps additionally they feel stimulated because of it.

“Others don’t value the burst after all. It’s merely a small bummer whenever the adult toy unexpectedly is fully gone. ”


Maggy and her spouse Jan run Balloons United where people should buy what to take part in the fetish and test.

Additionally they post images online showing the balloons and also to you will need to bring greater understanding of the fetish and also to decrease the stigma surrounding it.

Maggy stated: “It felt like the balloon fetish ended up being stuck in a strange and concealed closet.

“Like the image of Looners having of themselves being strange, ill or took that is weird to truth. But from my point of treat this never ever ended up being or perhaps is the facts.

“This is exactly what inspired me to emerge from my cabinet and also to share some photos, which my spouce and I produced together. ”

Maggy hopes the fetish will not be considered a taboo 1 day as she seems it will probably enable others greater pleasure.

She included: “Honestly, we’re dealing with ordinary people milf smoking who have an unique choice.

“I think it is therefore sad if fear has such a substantial effect towards our actions that individuals would like to hide and eventually block off the road of our very very own specific delight.

“So, generally speaking, we have been better goodbye that is saying judgmental behavior, training ourselves in self-acceptance and conference each other with tolerance and respect. ”